Secrets of Caring for S128 Cockfighting Fighting Chickens

Secrets of Caring for S128 Cockfighting Fighting Chickens

Secrets of Caring for S128 Cockfighting Fighting Chickens – Next, we will provide a reliable article that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that it can be read by all groups, here is the secret of caring for s128 cockfighting fighting cocks.

Bangkok chickens are famous for their fighting qualities, even Bangkok chickens will fight it out even to the death to maintain their power. This is what makes Bangkok chickens in great demand to be kept. This chicken is famous for its deadly punches and fast movements. Even Bangkok chicken is a very smart chicken. Below are some tips that can be a recommendation for those of you who love cockfighting.

1. Selection of Quality Broodstock

If you want the Bangkok chicken cultivation process to be successful, you must choose a good breed of high quality. Make sure if the male and female breeders are quality brooders. Usually the best selling of Bangkok chicken on the market is to provide high quality Bangkok chicken.

The characteristics of quality Bangkok chicken are those that are active, agile and healthy. Make sure if the broodstock you buy does not have a disability or illness. Because the quality of the seeds is greatly influenced by the quality of the broodstock and several other factors.

2. Cage Preparation

One of the important things that determine success is the preparation of a cage for Bangkok chickens. Usually there are 3 types that are often used by Bangkok chicken lovers. The preparation of the coop for Bangkok chickens is slightly different from chicken coops in general. Starting from paying attention to the placement or location of the Bangkok chicken coop. The size of Bangkok chickens so they don’t stress, as well as the humidity of the cage and the circulation system in the cage.

3. Location of the cage

The location of the chicken coop in Bangkok is highly recommended to have a distance of at least 5 meters from other chicken coop positions. If you raise other types of chickens. Make sure that the location of the chicken coop is close to a source of accessible water and is not contaminated with waste.

Try if the contour of the land is flat. And surrounded by several shade trees, this tree can help regulate air circulation around the cage. And helps regulate the intensity of sunlight to keep the air in the cage moist. The Right Way to Care for Bangkok Fighting Chickens

4. Make sure the water channels are smooth

Make sure if the chicken coop has a smooth drain so that the cage is not damp. Make sure the drains are not clogged so that when it rains it won’t inundate the environment. Because this can make the cage a mosquito nest.

Make sure if the location of the cage is grown with lots of grass. Because the Bangkok chicken is one of the animals that likes grass and uses mud as a substitute for their fiber.

5. Direct the cage to the sun

Make sure if the cage is facing the morning sun. Also make sure the cage is in line with the direction of the wind. To prevent chickens from contracting diseases from outside the cage.

Better yet, if the location of the cage is permanently fenced off. You can use cement and bricks. If your budget is insufficient, you can also use an ordinary fence made of wire and bamboo. The Right Way to Care for Bangkok Fighting Chickens

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