Tactics to Get Joker88 Progressive Jackpot

Tactics to Get Joker88 Progressive Jackpot

Tactics to Get Joker88 Progressive Jackpot – After going through several stages of the filtering process, finally we were able to perfect the articles we had collected with data from reliable sources regarding tactics for getting progressive jackpots in the joker88 slot gambling game.

Captain Treasure is one of the most familiar spin or slot games on joker88 and Rollex11. Many have not and do not know the secret of how to win big by placing a bet of 9 cents to 90 cents. There are a handful of spin players and this Captain Treasure slot game is willing to bet up to more than 90 cents.

If you bet even 9 or 45 sen, you will definitely be able to win big up to RM50 with just a bet of 45 sen. Maybe you are lucky if following this trick you might get MINOR JACKPOT. Because this is the experience of one of the customers. joker88 from our company that managed to get the Minor Jackpot with only a bet of 45 sen.

How do our customers get the Minor Jackpot? Big win with a small bet of 45 cents only, right? Please read this article to the end. These tricks and tips are only for joker888 playing on Android only, PC is coming. As for the Rollex11 game, I will share it in the next post.

How to Get Progressive Jackpot

  1. The first step is that you are required to provide a credit of RM50 either for joker88 and make sure the credit in your slot game is 50.00 or more.
  2. Enter the Captain Treasure slot game then for the first spin you have to bet as much as 9 sen first. Remember not to ever use AUTOSPIN. Do not continue to enter big bets such as 90 cents and above. Then for the second spin, you increase your bet to 45 cents, and the opponent 90 cents. Make sure you bet using 90 cents 10 times in a row, do no more.
  3. If you are wrong and depressed more, you should spin again 10 times.
    Next step, lower your bet to 45 cents. then 90 sen, and repeat this step until you get BIGWIN.After you get BIGWIN, exit the game again.
  4. Off or close your joker88 for 5 minutes or more. 5 minutes is not long and you have to be patient if you want to win big. Then re-enter the Captain Treasure game earlier and continue to bet 45 cents first. If your income exceeds 60.00 and above, increase your bet to 90 cents and spin 50 times. You will definitely win BIG !!

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