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Animeby RobertBobert

This stack is dedicated to shows that are either inspired by Takarazuka or directly dedicated to it. Takarazuka is an iconic Japanese all-female theater group from the city of the same name, that is widely known for their authentic musicals, homoerotic reputation and huge influence on Japanese women's culture. In most cases, it is either about the characteristic prince-ish girls "ottokoyaku" (of a certain aesthetic, not just androgynous ikemen onna), the so-called "Takarazuka couples" (a pair of female characters inspired by ottokoyaku and musumeyakku), and various theatrical aesthetics, but there may also be direct quotation and demonstration of the troupe's activities.

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Animeby El-Melloi
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Mangaby Extra97
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Animeby RobertBobert
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Mangaby z_ach

Just when the manga is better then the anime really

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Animeby Ssnowyy

Only Movies with 1 special, Lupin III vs. Detective Conan.

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Animeby Ssnowyy

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Animeby Ssnowyy

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Animeby PxHC

Subarashii chin chin mono
Kintama no kami aru
Sore no oto sarubobo?
Iie! Ninja ga imasu

Only old school ninjas that don't shy away from gore violence and graphic nudity.
Your talking no jutsu has no power here!

Hey, hey, let's go! Kenka suru
Taisetsu na mono protect my balls
Boku ga warui so let's fighting
Let's fighting love!

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Mangaby SgtArchDornan

Cool comics to have fun with. All are standalone, underrated and fully translated. Visit my profile for Cool Mangos 1 and 2.

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